At The Sprinkler Guys LLC, our Service Department strives to solve any problem correctly the first time. In most cases we will be out to service your system within two days of your call. With our service department you do not have to be home for all of our calls. If the issue is something like a line break or a broken head that is repairable without going in the house, we will fix it without bothering you.

Some of the most common service calls are:

Start up in the spring - For this, we come out to start your system and walk through all of the zones to check for proper coverage. We will make adjustments to the clock at your request.

Winterization - For this we come out to blow the water out all of the lines to ensure that they will not freeze over during the winter.

Seasonal Adjustments - We can talk you through the process over the phone, or we can come out to your house making sure that the system is watering enough and make sure you have proper coverage