Installation Process

  1. We call upon Diggers Hotline and have schedule them come to your home and mark your underground utilities.
  2. Lawn Irragation Module​Then our plumber comes to your home and installs a backflow preventer (ASVF) at your convenience. We tie into your plumbing as close to your water source as possible. This gives you more pressure and the largest size pipe. We will then run the pipe out of the side of your home to hide the backflow, if possible and cost effective.
  3. The day before the installation, we flag out the zones in your yard and the placement of the sprinkler heads and/or misters.
  4. We place the heads or misters in the areas of your yard that are over 16 feet wide. Heads spray 35 feet so we place them 30 feet to make sure we have head to head coverage, ensuring there are not dry spots.
  5. Misters are placed in the areas up to 15 feet depending on the layout, they may have different tops for different spray patterns. We try not to put misters and heads on the same line unless we change out the nozzles to even out the distribution.
  6. The morning of the installation, we will greet you at your door and run through the pre-installment checklist as we walk through your yard. We do this to insure we stay within your yard and allow you to communicate any questions or concerns. We also like to make sure we are watering the areas you want.
  7. Trench-less installation reduces impact to your lawn and improves recovery time.​The system is pulled into your yard using the machine in the picture. This machine works as a vibrating knife or plow so the dirt will disappear.
  8. Afterwards, we will again walk through your yard with you and explain the locations and usage of your new irrigation system. Be forewarned that the machine does leave a cut in your yard but will heal with time.)
  9. A few days after your installation, you will receive your warranty information with a zone chart in the mail. If you do not receive one, please reach out to us via phone or email.
  10. Thirty days after the installation, one of our foremen will come out and make sure your irrigation system is running properly. The foreman will be checking for dry areas and that your lawn is healing properly. If it is needed, we will level any area or add grass seed.